Direct Solar Water Systems

Direct and indirect solar water heater systems are both designed to heat water either directly or indirectly, where the systems are designed to heat the water directly in the collector panel is the direct solar water heater system. The system is switched off under overheating or freezing conditions which rarely occur in Kenya, the changes are too slim. Plastic pipes however may tolerate some frost. Water softening may be required as to avoid corrosion in the systems circulation.

Indirect Solar Heating

Indirect solar water heater system is used where the water is corrosive. This system is applicable in alkaline areas such as the coastal region and the rift valley regions of Kenya, northern Europe too uses this kind of technology for water heating purposes and areas that predominantly use borehole water. Heat exchange method with glycol propylene which functions as an anti-freezer is used to heat the water. The amount of electricity used is very minimal.